architectural point cloud to BIM modeling


Advenser brings you the latest technology that is being used in the AEC industry for capturing the As-built conditions of a building or area by exporting the point cloud data onto a CAD or BIM platform such as Revit for architects and engineers. We can re-create a complete As-Built Building Information Model with accuracy depicting the pipes, walls, slabs, roof planes, terrain and vegetation in and around the building. We have executed point cloud to BIM projects for Architectural, Structural and MEP streams.
Architectural point cloud Modeling

Architectural Point Cloud Modeling

Accurate As-built architectural BIM Model from Point Cloud data
MEP point cloud modeling

MEP Point Cloud Modeling

Detailed As-built BIM models for your MEP projects
structural point cloud Modeling

Structural Point Cloud Modeling

Intelligent As-built models for structural elements of a building
MEP point cloud modeling

Integrated Point Cloud Modeling

Perfectly coordinated and consolidated As-built models
Point cloud to Mesh Services

Point Cloud To Mesh

Accurate Mesh/surface models from scan data
Scan to BIM Services

Scan to BIM Procedure

Point Cloud scan comprises of a set of a million data points

Advantages of using point cloud for As-built

  • Accurate and reliable BIM model showing as-built conditions
  • Fastest Turnaround time of project delivery
  • Tremendous saving of time and cost
  • Maximum return on investment (ROI)
  • Used for maintenance and facility management
  • Helps refurbishment and alteration work
  • Helps efficient & safe building demolition
  • Accurate documentation of As-built construction covering deviations from design drawings

Projects that benefit from point cloud modeling

  • Renovation projects
  • Retrofit projects
  • Refurbishment
  • Building maintenance
  • Facility management
  • Building extension
  • Portfolio management
  • Building demolition
Architectural point cloud to BIM model for a police station