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2200 Mistletoe Ave – Point Cloud Case study

Project information

Building Type: Single storied residential building with sloped roofing

Location: USA

Inputs:Laser cloud data in .pts format, FARO scanned photographs of the building

Deliverables: As built 3D model in .rvt format & .dwg format

Software: Autodesk Revit Architecture 2013 & AutoCAD 2013

Service: Point cloud conversion

Business model adopted:

2200 Mistletoe Ave was a point cloud conversion project, where the client requirement was an As-built model from the laser cloud data and FARO scanned photographs. This project was executed in an hourly billing business model.

Project synopsis:

The client requirement for this project was an As-Built 3D model of a Single storied residential building in 2200 Mistletoe, the USA from point cloud data. The client input included a set of 11 scans of the house exterior which was later combined by team Advenser to form a single point cloud containing 163.46 million points. This size of the single point cloud model was 8.72GB.


The As-built 3D model was delivered to the client as requested in .rvt & .dwg format. Point cloud conversion was done in Autodesk Revit Architecture 2013 and it was exported to CAD format using AutoCAD 2013.