Integrated Point cloud modeling services



Integrated point cloud to BIM modeling

We have executed a wide range of integrated or consolidated As built modeling projects for general contractors, construction companies, builders and facility managers encompassing all the architectural, structural, MEP and HVAC elements for new as well as renovation projects.

Our dedicated teams of architectural, structural and MEP BIM modellers seamlessly collaborate to generate a perfectly coordinated and integrated As built BIM model reflecting the existing condition of a building before or after construction. We have the cutting edge technology including the right hardware and plug-ins to work with very large point cloud files along with the right skill set, domain knowledge and software expertise. The As-built BIM model we generate from point cloud scan are intelligent and highly detailed with millimeter accuracy.

From our extensive and in-depth wealth of experience, we have developed and streamlined our own custom procedure for a typical point cloud modeling process to deliver the As-built BIM model meeting the needs, expectations, timeline and budget of the client.

MEP point cloud modeling

Practical Applications of Integrated Point Cloud Modeling

  • Pre-construction survey and analysis of existing site conditions
  • Possible clash detection between existing conditions with proposed design
  • On-site design review and monitoring
  • Post construction As-built model creation
  • Comprehensive As built documents set submission
  • Facility management, maintenance and repair
  • Building refurbishment & renovation
  • Hassle free demolition
Integrated point cloud modeling

Apart from integrated As-built modeling, we offer the following point cloud modeling of following elements:

  • Architectural Elements: Internal/external walls, doors, windows, floors, ceiling
  • Structural members: Beams, columns, trusses, stairs, braces, handrails, joists
  • MEP servicesPipes, ducts, hangars, panels, cable trays, pumps, fittings & valves, equipments, electrical fixtures etc.
  • Integrated project: As-built model of architectural, structural & MEP
  • Revit family recreation

Deliverables for Point Cloud Modeling

  • 3D BIM Models
  • BIM Integration
  • As-built Documentation
  • Elevation Drawings
  • Plan View Drawings