Point cloud to mesh modeling is one of the core services we provide our clients with apart from Point Cloud Cleaning, Filtering and Conversion, Point Cloud Registration and 2D & 3D Modelling. Over the decade-long year of experience, we have had a notable number of satisfied clients in residential, commercial and hospitality projects.

Our Method of Approach

Conversion of point cloud to triangular/polygonal meshes which satisfy high modeling and visualization demand is one of the most requested tasks when managing a 3D scan data. The experienced team of engineers at pointcloudbimmodeling.com uses a unique mode of approach towards converting the unorganized point cloud data into a mesh depending on the

1. Quality of input data
2. Spatial Subdivision
3. Type of representation of the surface
4. Assumptions of Algorithm

The Quality Assurance We Give

Every design team in Advenser is headed by an experienced project manager who along with a dedicated team of quality experts closely monitors every stage of the design process to ensure that strict quality adherence and industry standards are being followed.