Structural point cloud modeling services



Structural point cloud to BIM

We provide precise point cloud to As-built modeling services for Structural members with pin point accuracy and quick Turnaround. Advenser’s experienced production team of structural engineers can generate detailed and intelligent As-built models of the structural elements of a building, along with plans, sections and elevations from comprehensive set of laser scans. For large or complex projects involving a variety of different structural construction elements, renovation or refurbishment processes with minimum risk to existing structure is a huge challenge. The accuracy and quality of as-built model reconstruction of the building structure plays a crucial role in this scenario. At this juncture, Advenser can step in and support you in this critical task of point cloud modeling. We employ the latest compatible software for efficient conversion of the point cloud scan to As-built BIM model. Advenser employs the most up-to-date hardware including large memory RAMs, powerful multi-core processors and the latest generation graphic cards to handle point clouds efficiently owing to the enormous file sizes of the scan data. We offer point cloud modeling services for all structural members of a building such as columns, beams, braces, trusses, stairs, handrails, joists and metal decking

Point cloud modeling services
BIM modeling services

Practical Applications of Structural Point Cloud Modeling

If you are a general contractor, structural contractor, erector or fabricator, you can utilize our scan to BIM services for the following purposes:

  • Documentation of pre-existing structures
  • Assessing deformation, unevenness of a structural surface or concrete slab
  • Interference checking between existing structure and proposed design
  • Managing the progress and precision of work at site
  • As-built Structural model generation post construction
  • As built documentation for building records
  • Facility management, maintenance and repair
  • Refurbishment or renovation of building structures
  • Safe demolition of targeted structural elements without interference to other supporting members

Apart from Structural As-built modeling, we offer the following point cloud modeling of following elements:

  • Architectural Elements: Internal/external walls, doors, windows, floors, ceiling
  • MEP services: Pipes, ducts, hangars, panels, cable trays, pumps, fittings & valves, equipments, electrical fixtures etc.
  • Integrated project: As-built model of architectural, structural & MEP
  • Revit family recreation

Deliverables for Point Cloud Modeling

  • 3D BIM Models
  • BIM Integration
  • As-built Documentation
  • Elevation Drawings
  • Plan View Drawings