Case Study



Google Kirkland

Google Kirkland: The Google campus, located in Washington, is a 2-storey office building. Our scope was to create an intelligent BIM with LOD 400 of HVAC and plumbing services from the 3D scanned point cloud data.


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Perth police station

Perth police station: Perth police station was an existing building where as Advenser had to deal with the As-built BIM from the given point cloud and the real images of the buildings.


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2200 Mistletoe Ave

2200 Mistletoe Ave: 2200 Mistletoe Ave was a point cloud conversion project involving As-built modeling services from Advenser Engineering. This single storied residential building situated in the USA for which the client had a requirement for creation of architectural As built 3D model from the point cloud data.


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BIM model for residential building

27 Morley Street: This multi storied residential building was long and narrow in structure and had 3 levels. Situated in the USA, the project had a requirement for creation of As built BIM model of the building as well as the surrounding terrain and the fences on both sides width wise.


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